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Join Mil’s adventures-the creature must gather the plasma of life in order to revive its love.

You can encounter help of different creatures in order to achieve this tuff mission. Just touch them and they will activate and will be ready to help. And just try to flick them-the creature will become angry and its abilities will change. Now flick once more and you will calm it down. Control creature’s emotions in order to use their different abilities to help you.

And now you have a challenge to understand when to anger or calm any particular creature in order to help you to complete all levels.

Levels of this game are different too- some more difficult than others, and maybe they will make you angry too? But, wait-there is a beautiful music that will definitely bring peace to your mind.

BIOSIS consists of 3 chapters with 60 unique levels. And should this not be enough-there is a pro-mode where levels have 4 plasmas instead of 3 plus fourth plasma is situated in most obscure places.

BIOSIS is a puzzle that not only will make you think hard but also will magnify you emotions.

Emotional music, emotional graphics, possibility of changing moods of creatures-all of this is BIOSIS.

BIOSIS will bring only positive emotions.

BIOSIS is a story of a little creature that travels through difficult levels despite all the danger in order to save its happiness and love. Don’t leave it alone. Join the world of emotional adventures!


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